I Hate Everybody

I was born an only child and I wasn’t even the favorite
That news used to bring me down, but now I kind of savor it
You see the world’s going by at the speed of light
And at best I’m just standing still
While the skeevy little beedy-eyed bastards have their grubby little hands in the little guy’s till

I hate everybody (hey ho)

It just never ends it goes on and on and on like animals fighting over land and tracts
Led by feeble old men like it always is
Can’t see the forest for the trees because of cataracts
And you can’t stop a fire with a think tank or a flood in a soggy paper cup
Or a slaughter with only hopes and dreams
Another cluster within a cluster within a cluster fuck

I hate everybody (hey ho)

Can’t turn back time

I’m think my brain may be a little addled, off by a few degrees or so
My best days are behind me now, seems like a thousand years ago
Vision and taste are slowly saying goodbye but it’s nothing really drastic
But when it’s 100 degrees living water
Even I can see we’re going to hell in a basket.