David Wakeling is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR.  Self taught on the drums and guitar, he started writing songs with his first band "Against Musical Advice".  He recently released his 12th solo album "Summer Nights"..  He also co-founded his most recent band "This, not this" with whom he contributed writing, drums and harmony vocals.
His influences vary widely and include Steely Dan,Todd Rundgren, James Taylor, The Tragically Hip, Little Feat and many others.   He is a sucker for harmonies and a good story and hopes to convey those elements in his music.
He begrudgingly admits that accordion lessons as a child helped fuel his passion for music.  For that he thanks Mom and Dad.

Some of David’s dislikes..cottage cheese and other mushy food items, dentists, people who feel entitled, racists, anything containing kale, rigid narrow-mindedness, wasps and hornets and tele-evangelists. 

Some of David’s likes..Sushi, the smell of gasoline, Field of Dreams, puppy breath and baby head, all things made of meat, caffeine in any form and the smell of summer. 

In his spare time he is a physician and actual Doctor..unlike Doolittle, Who and possibly Phil.